As a NADCAP accredited metal finisher, Hillock Anodizing is a trusted and reliable metal finisher for the top prime contractors.

Many parts that have been processed by Hillock Anodizing are used in the Boeing 747 airplane, Airbus, Apache Helicopoter, or United States Military fighter jets.

Hillock Anodizing is capable of anodizing and plating parts with extreme precision and very close tolerances due to the strict processing parameters, state of the art anodizing technologies, and close attention to detail.


Now introducing STERIDIZE® and STERIDIZE® HC. The STERIDIZE® service consists of applying a proprietary anodic coating to your parts. This proprietary coating is capable of withstanding autoclave cycles of a pH of 11 or more! Please contact Hillock Anodizing for more information and samples.

In addition to the proprietary coatings, Hillock Anodizing has the capability of passivating intricate and fragile stainless steel, steel or titanium medical components.


Hillock Anodizing worked closely with the Navy to chemical conversion coat and black hard anodize the HREP installed on the International Space Station. The Navy came to Hillock Anodizing because of our strict process paramaters, extensive quality system, and ability to process close tolerance parts.


Our coatings can extend the life of pumps, valves, motors, hydraulics, pistons and other applications that experience extreme wear and corrosive environments.


Hillock Anodizing anodizes numerous items for commercial applications including electronic housings, optical equipment, and precision machined parts with close tolerance and decorative requirements.