Pre/Post Treatments

Chemical Pre-Treatments:

  • Matte etch
  • brightening
  • acid etch
  • Castings surface prep
  • caustic etch

Post Treatments:

  • PTFE impregnation
  • Sodium Dichromate seal
  • Nickel Seal
  • Mid temperature seal


Hillock Anodizing's engineering staff will work with you to provide solutions to any and all aspects of the manufacturing and finishing process.

Hillock's engineers will communicate with you to ensure parts are finished to the required tolerances, finished sizes, and specific racking needs. In addition, Hillock Anodizing can work exclusively with you to provide proprietary processes specific to your engineering needs.

Masking and Custom Tooling

Hillock's experienced masking department uses a variety of masking materials to selectively resist the applied coatings.

Areas that are typically masked include tapped holes, tight tolerance holes/area, or areas that require electrical conductivity.

In addition, Hillock can mask with extreme precision by utilizing custom tooling designed by the engineering department.


Hillock Anodizing offers free pickup and delivery to the Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey (North and South) and Delaware area.

Please contact Joe Ritts ( to discuss your transportation needs.