Hillock Anodizing is now offering pickup and delivery service throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Please call our Shipping Department for pickup and deliveries.

Hillock Anodizing has validated its Hardcoat anodizing process. All processes will be validated by June 2016.

Hillock Anodizing is pleased to announce our recent NADCAP audit was again a great success. By earning Supplier Merit category, we’ve been placed on NADCAP’s 24-month audit cycle. By continuing our NADCAP Accreditation, Hillock Anodizing remains one of the premier metal finishing companies serving the Aerospace and Defense industries

Hillock Anodizing, Inc. has been providing the finest precision metal finishing to industry since 1969.

Our experienced production engineering, quality and management staff are well aware of the stringent quality and tolerance requirements your parts must adhere to.

We are proud to be one of the select metal finishers to have achieved the prestigious NADCAP Accreditation (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation) and have earned process approvals from numerous Aerospace, Defense, Medical and major commercial and industrial manufacturers.                                           



    Ask about our industry leading family of coatings created by the engineers at Hillock Anodizing. These engineered anodic coatings are designed to resist coating breakdown during alkaline disinfectant washes and steam autoclaves.

    The Steriscreen coating service is a cost effective upgrade to standard anodic coatings produced in sulfuric acid anodize.  Our Steriscreen coating services provides parts with exceptional resistance to alkaline cleaners and  maximum adhesion of printed graphics (silk screened, pad printed, etc). Customers prefer our Steriscreen coating services for use on surgical cases due to its competitive pricing and outstanding performance.  

   The Stericlave®  coating is a premium anodic coating designed to withstand the harshest chemical attacks and steam autoclaves.  The coating has been proven to withstand 100 high pH washes and autoclave cycles with no coating degradation.  Stericlave is also offered in a hard, abrasion resistant version that is denoted by Stericlave HC.  Stericlave HC is the most corrosion resistant coating Hillock Anodizing has to offer.

   The Steridize® coating is the original proprietary coating introduced by Hillock Anodizing.  This legacy coating offers superior high pH resistance than standard anodic coatings.  The coating is often specified in conjunction with Hillock Anodizing's proprietary embedded graphic process.  

    The graphics are printed into the pores of the coating and will never delaminate during disinfecting and autoclave cycles.


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